Exotic Deer can be hunted year round at the Lonesome Coyote Ranch. Read more below on the different exotic hunts we have.

Axis Deer

3 day/2 night Included $3,500

The axis deer, also known as the Chital deer, is regarded as one of the most beautiful breeds of deer. A native of India and introduced to Texas in 1932, Axis now make the rolling hills and brush country of the lone star state their favorite home. Their characteristics consist of white spots on chestnut brown fur, white throats and tails, and black stripes running down their backs. It is a moderate-size deer, with large males weighing around 250 pounds.

Lonesome Coyote Ranch offers year-round Axis deer hunts, with May to August being the best time for hard antlers. Male axis deer can have hard antlers year-round, as they shed on their own clocks rather than by the season. When it comes to the Rut, Axis bucks have a mind (or Biology) of their own.  Each buck may enter the Rut at different periods throughout the year.  The antlers curve back and upwards, typically with three or four tines off one main beam.

Most hunters agree that Axis deer yields the best-tasting venison you’ll ever eat! Axis deer meat is tender, much moister, with mild flavor and less than 1% fat. You may hunt our trophy Axis deer using any method you prefer, including Spot and Stalk, Bow Hunting, Rifle Hunting, or from a Blind.

Blackbuck Deer

3 day/2 night Included $3,000

Blackbuck are native to India and Pakistan where they were once widespread in open woodlands, plains and desert mountainous regions, thus making them right at home throughout Texas. Blackbuck may be hunted year-round without any seasonal restrictions. The male’s coats will darken with age, making for an excellent trophy. The circular rings on Blackbuck horns are unlike any other, making them one of the most beautiful wall mounts you will ever hang.

A few fun facts about the Blackbuck, they are native to India, they give birth twice a year, usually to a single fawn and they can run up to 50 mph! The Blackbuck is a diurnal antelope (active mainly during the day). The Blackbuck inhabits grassy plains and slightly forested areas. Due to their regular need of water, they prefer areas where water is perennially available.

Blackbuck meat is one of the best exotic table fares around.  Blackbuck are true gazelles; grazers.  Grazers tend to be a mild meat with little to no gamey-ness.

Fallow Deer

3 day/2 night Included $3,500

Indigenous to Eurasia, Fallow deer were introduced throughout Texas in the 1900’s.  Fallow bucks are the only deer species to grow palmate type antlers – characterized much like antlers on a moose. The best time to hunt is September through December for antlered Fallow. A Fallow can run up to 30 mph and jump up to 5 ft high and the call of a Fallow sounds like a burping sound. Fallow like to go under things instead of over them. Fawns are born in the spring. There are variation coat colors of this species, with the most common being a chestnut coat with white mottles, it is most pronounced in summer with a much darker, un-spotted coat in the winter. 

An average Fallow buck will weigh 150-220 pounds but can get up to 330 pounds and Fallow deer venison is excellent and like that of Axis.

There is no nightly rate for children under the age of 12.

Included: Lodging, all meals, open bar after the evening hunt, game room, swimming pool, one predator (Bobcat, Hog, Javelina  or Varmint) or hog per hunter, one on one guide, field dressing and quartering.

Not Included: Guns, Ammunition, Hunting license, Gratuity for Guide and Cooks.


We have access to dogs that track wounded deer for an extra fee.

**You can combine any additional hunts or activities, season and weather permitting.  For example, add on a quail hunt for $700.00 per person or a round of skeet for 50¢ per target.

Sample Itinerary

Arrive after Lunch Coffee & Snacks Coffee & Snacks
Settle In  Hunt Hunt
Sight in Rifles Breakfast Breakfast
Hunt Optional activity/relax at lodge Depart
Cocktails & Dinner Lunch -
- Relax at lodge/optional activity -
- Hunt -
- Cocktails & Dinner -

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking. If deposits are not received within 14 days of booking all reservations will be deemed to have lapsed. We accept cash, check or credit card. Deposit is based on hunt package price and/or non-hunter rate according to number of nights per person. Your deposit can be applied to a mutually agreeable future reservation if changes are made 72 hours prior to check in date. All no shows will be billed in full.

All guests must sign a Liability and Indemnification Release upon arrival.

We invite you to explore our website, check out the photo galleries and learn more about the various hunt packages we offer. For more detailed information or to speak with a member of our staff, give us a call at 361-215-9283 or write to us through our contact page.