Mark Newman Brunswick, GA - Dec 9, 2023

I have hunted ranches in the Texas Hill Country, Wisconsin, Montana, Kentucky and my home state of Georgia. In my opinion, Lonesome Coyote is the best Whitetail and Predator hunting that I have ever experienced. The ranch has not imported deer or implemented programs to improve genetics. The deer that you will see and hunt are all native Texas deer. Amazing antler production is achieved through year-round supplemental feeding and careful management of the existing herd. During my times in the blind I saw an abundance of bucks in the 3-6 year old range, most sporting typical framed antlers in the 150-190 inch range. There was no issue with having opportunities to take deer at reasonable distances {under 100 yards) or for more experienced hunters to take them at longer ranges (up to 700 yards). THESE DEER ARE NOT PEN RAISED. The high fence is thousands of acres in size as is the low fence portion, you may elect to target a particular deer caught on trail cam but there are no guarantees that you will see them, particularly during the period of the rut. The buck to doe ratio seems to be managed at about one buck to two does, assuring competition for breeding. I witnessed several amazing buck battles during my hunt. In the interest of full disclosure, I didn't book a deer hunt for this trip. My desire for this trip was to accompany my older brother on his hunt for a 180 class deer and to aid in his success by sitting stands and scouting for him, therefore I booked a predator hunt. I had never hunted predator in Texas before and had heard legendary stories of the shooting opportunities. Our third brother also hunted predators. We had opportunities to shoot coyotes, javelinas, hogs and raccoons. Believe me, we had more opportunities to shoot {particularly hogs) than I ever imagined. "Die, piggy die" was my brother's war cry when exiting the lodge before each hunt and he always came back smiling. As stated earlier, the goal of my hunt was to scout and reconnoiter for my deer hunting brother. After assisting him on his hunt, I took the opportunity to predator hunt and explore the exotics on the ranch. I saw both Axis and Fallow deer in abundance and several that tempted my to add an exotic to my hunt. My guide was a college graduate in wildlife management from Texas A&M who had interned on the ranch and elected to return post-graduation. Kayla was well-versed in the ranch's wildlife and shared my enthusiasm for both hunting and wildlife viewing. We had an amazing time and I saw several species of birds and animals that I had never encountered. She tailored our hunts to meet my goals for each outing. I can honestly say that this was my best hunting experience ever. We were treated like family by everyone. The food was so good that I insisted on getting one of the cookbooks that the ranch owner has compiled over the years for preparing the ranch meals. The ranch manager, Jerry, is the son-in-law of the ranch owners and is fiercely committed to the ranch success as well as the success of each guest. The Lodge is amazing and extremely accommodating. I cannot think of a hunt or a location that was better than my experience at Lonesome Coyote. If I am blessed with another dream hunt, I want it to be at Lonesome Coyote.

Billy Casailinova Hudson Valley, NY - Jan 20, 2022

“We Do Things Right”, Camp Motto, is an understatement. These guys, and gals are “Squared Away” and delivered, by far the best accommodations, food, Hunting, and Southern hospitality, I’ve ever experienced. They all constantly worked hard to make our trip the best possible experience for us and we were beyond satisfied. An excellent managed property run with professionalism, etiquette, a warm family atmosphere, and the quarters were immaculate. Thank you Amanda, Gerry, Jimmy, and Paige, we’re looking forward to our next trip down. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Dalton and Jason Hardy, AR - Dec 7, 2020

Hospitality and food was amazing. Great people running a great ranch. Down to earth people with good vision and great hearts as just good folks. Lifetime experience and nothin but great memories made here on our trip and the food y’all.. that kitchen they know what their doin haha. Hope everyone has as great experience look forward to another trip one day.

B. Bullard Beumont, TX - Jan 12, 2020

Thank you so much for the best hunt I have ever been on.  Awesome place! We will definitely be back.

P. O'Brian Corpus Christi, TX - Dec 28, 2018

The motto is perfect!  They do things right!  What an awesome time.

E. Moore Charlotte, NC - Dec 17, 2017

Couldn't have asked for a better hunt! Thank you.

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