Lonesome Coyote Ranch has participated in the Texas Parks and Wildlife Managed Lands Deer Program (MLDP) for 14 years. MLDP is a tool that helps us create and utilize sound management practices for native wildlife and their habitats to thrive on our ranch here in Texas. We are a MLDP Conservation Option participant, which means we work closely with a Texas Parks and Wildlife biologist who customizes their habitat management and harvest whitetail deer recommendations specifically for our ranch.  The Conservation Option opens our whitetail season around the end of September and doesn’t close it until the end of February.  It also makes tags to manage our deer population readily available with the help of our Texas Parks and Wildlife biologist.
 In addition to utilizing the MLDP as a foundation for management we also participate in the Deer Management Program (DMP) as well as our onsite deer breeding program.  DMP authorizes us to temporarily confine one whitetail buck with a group of does in a large enclosure to manage natural breeding.   The breeding program allows us to closely manage the genetics of our ranch and helps other ranches improve their whitetail population.  With these additional programs we supplement the already famous South Texas brush country genetics with trophy genetics to increase the likelihood of our hunters getting their trophy deer of a lifetime. 

We invite you to explore our website, check out the photo galleries and learn more about the various hunt packages we offer. For more detailed information or to speak with a member of our staff, give us a call at 361-215-9283 or write to us through our contact page.